EcoAdinkra Harmony Bracelets- "Nkyimkyim" Twisting

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Experience the beauty of sustainable style and cultural grace with the EcoAdinkra Harmony Bracelet Collection. Handcrafted in Ghana with love, each bracelet is a perfect blend of sustainability and cultural appreciation.

Reclaimed materials come together to create exquisite wearable art, complete with rich Adinkra symbols conveying profound West African meanings. The collection's name reflects both its environmental care and cultural heritage — Harmony!

Flaunt responsible fashion and tell a story on your wrist. Join us and redefine your style with purpose. Shop the collection now and live in perfect harmony.

Symbols and their significance:

Gye Nyame: Gye Nyame represents God's power and reminds us that He alone is to be feared. Translated from Twi, it means "Except God". Gye means "Except" and Nyame is "God".

Aya: "Aya" speaks to resilience - independence, boldness and indestructible spirit in the face of hardship. It champions perseverance and resourcefulness amid difficulty.

Dwennimmen: A token of strength and humility, the ram is a powerful symbol of courage, willing to fight yet submissive to slaughter, reminding us that even the mighty must be humble.

Kwatakye Atiko: Kwatakye Atiko represents courage and strength, and is also known as Gyawu Atiko. It's said to be a hairstyle of the brave war captain Kwatakye from ancient Asante.
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