Dinpa "Good Name" Day Name Band-Women

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Style: Akosua-Sunday

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Discover our collection of artisanal bracelets crafted from recycled glass, each bearing the significance of Ghanaian day names.

Embrace the cultural richness of our bracelets which signify the day of your birth, reflecting the deep-rooted tradition of naming in Ghanaian society.

Adorn yourself with not just a beautiful accessory, but a meaningful connection to your roots. Dinpa Band, where style meets tradition, and every piece tells a unique story.

Adjoa/Adwoa: The Monday-born in Ghana are known for their peaceful and caring nature, like a calm river. They have a compassionate heart and unwavering empathy, serving as a source of solace in a fast-paced world.

Abena:  Embrace your inner strength and resilience with Dinpa Day Name Band, the perfect accessory for Tuesday-born individuals. Fearlessly face challenges with determination and inspire others with your natural leadership and unwavering spirit.

Akua/Aku: Experience the limitless creativity of Akua, the Ghanaian day name for Wednesday-born individuals. With an innate artistic flair and visionary mindset, you inspire with your unique ideas and expressions. Let your lively imagination and innovative spirit bring life to all of your endeavors.

Yaa: Experience boundless compassion and warmth as Yaa, the Ghanaian day name for Thursday-born. Your genuine empathy and selfless nature radiate, leaving a lasting impact of love and generosity on those you encounter. You are a pillar of support for loved ones, always willing to lend a helping hand.

Afua/Afia: Celebrate the harmonious spirit of Afua, the Ghanaian day name for those born on Fridays. Your mere presence creates a symphony of togetherness and promotes unity. With a deep admiration for aesthetics and a talent for conflict resolution, you gracefully navigate relationships.

Ama: Unleash your inner strength with this Dinpa Band, inspired by the Ghanaian name Ama, given to those born on a Saturday. Embodying unwavering determination and resilience, you overcome obstacles and inspire others to embrace their own power and conquer the world.

Akosua/Akos:  Experience the radiant glow of Akosua, the Ghanaian day name for those born on a Sunday. Your lively spirit and contagious happiness brighten up every space you inhabit. With an enthusiastic attitude and irresistible charisma, you spread warmth and optimism to those in your presence.

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