"Sika Mpɛ Dede"- Money Does Not Like Noise

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Color: Sage Green


Discover the enchanting allure of  our Sika M Dede strand, a beautiful mix of exquisite lilac, sage green, and turquoise decorative crystals with traditional gold beads.

Find harmony in this beautifully handcrafted blend of colors that not only captivates the eye but also carries the meaningful message, "Money does not like noise." Embrace the elegance and symbolism of these beads, reminding you that speaking positively about your finances can lead to prosperity.

Onuabea,  redefine your adornment with this unique strand, where beauty meets wisdom.

These waist beads are 50 inches long and tie-on. Excess beads can be used as bracelets or anklets.  Please email us if you'd like an extended length.  Additional fee may apply.

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