Akofena-Adinkra Brass Bracelet Set

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Discover the elegance and cultural significance of our Handmade Brass Bracelet and Ring Set, adorned with the Akofena Adinkra symbol. The Akofena, meaning "sword of war," is a powerful emblem from Ghana. It represents state authority, legality, and the legitimized power of a ruler. This symbol also honors the recognition of gallantry and heroic deeds.

 Ghana's coat of arms prominently features the ceremonial swords of the Akofena cross with a linguist’s staff, embodying both tradition and authority.

Crafted carefully, this brass set merges timeless design with deep cultural heritage, making it a perfect statement piece for any jewelry collection. Each piece is meticulously handmade, ensuring unique artistry and quality. Embrace the spirit of valor and authority with this exquisite bracelet and ring set.

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